the "blast and confound!" page is the home territory of me, anna malena, also known as mallenalla.

the picture on the left is an inner self-portrait, describing me as (among other things): christian, music lover,  part celt wannabe/part hippie/part bollywood freak, tea junkie, jewellery obsessed, a peaceful and loving person and generally whacky and weird.

the rest of the site will, in time, reflect all this.


site guide:

  • music, music, music - my music blog, very varied and full of great music
    • my monthly obsession - a monthly updated blog on stuff. inspired by shopping blogs and fashionista blogs, but my way, with collages i make on to illustrate every month.
    • picture gallery - the place where i post my photos of this and that.
    • create!!! - my blog on creating and creativity, updated whenever i feel like it and have the time. this is where you go to get hints and tips if you think you're not creative at all!
    • more stuff - just check it out yourself, okay?
    • anna malena på svenska - my swedish blog, only updated when i have something to say and the time to write it down.
    • comments - pretty obvious, isn't it? this is where you go to say the page stinks, to sing my praises loud and clear for making such a fantastic page, or just to say hi and leave me a social message.