i link to everything i pretty well please, so there!

"quizzically here" is my friend and polypal suzanne's blog. she illustrates it with photos and her exquisite polyvore sets, so it is worth a visit!

a link to the homepage of my church, sankt jakobs metodistkyrka (st jakob's methodist church) in göteborg, sweden. best church in the world! recently, swedish television has sent four sunday services from sankt jakob and i think the result was great. unfortunately i wasn't there the day they filmed the congregation singing.

and while i'm at it: here's our pastor's blog! (one of our pastors, to be correct. we have two, both of them admirable people and good priests. ) it's in swedish, but you all know that language of glory and honour, right ;-)?

i am so hooked on this lovely page! it's a place where you make collages (called "sets" in polylingo) like my "inner self portrait" or the ones i use to show my weekly obsesions. and it's also a site where i've made some of my most beloved web friends. you should try it!


this is my friend susi's site on weebly - she's a cool sort and you should click on her link.

here's susi's blog too. she did all the web designing on that page herself, she's good at that kind of stuff!

this is my friend karen's blog. karen is a truly sweet person and she illustrates her blog beautifully with her polyvore sets.